Last Outsider Cookie + Giveaway


This is the last Outsider cookie before it’s out and completely available to the masses (Not yet! You say. We’ve been on a cookie less diet for more than a month! How can you be so cruel!) Unless you’ve already pre-ordered it then… *thumbs up*

Not to worry I haven’t cut you off completely and won’t leave you guys to survive of the crumbs of this last Songhay-filled cookie (like chocolate chips but better 😉 ). I’m hosting a giveaway!

To enter is pretty simple, from now until the Twenty-third either leave a comment telling everyone your favorite dystopia is and why. Once you’ve entered one lucky winner shall receive books, 1, 2, and 3 of the Outsider Chronicles. 🙂

For now, enjoy some cookies!


The image of a familiar dream was just beginning to flicker into view when she heard the soft tinkle of glass hitting glass and felt a cold shadow press against her body.

Five heartbeats passed between the time it took her to sweep his feet out from underneath him, grapple him to the ground and press a knife to his throat. She opened her eyes.


He swallowed delicately.

“I thought you were asleep,” he finally managed to say.

“I was.” But her time in the Box had turned her into a very light sleeper. “What are you doing here?”



8 thoughts on “Last Outsider Cookie + Giveaway

  1. Reblogged this on Madhuri Blaylock and commented:
    Enter the giveaway to win all three eBooks in Kayti Nika Raet’s unique, thrilling, dystopic series The Outsider Chronicles. Niko and her badass baseball bat are fierce. You won’t regret getting lost in her world for a bit. So leave some comments, enter the giveaway, and cross your fingers you’re one lucky duck.

  2. I can’t pick between these two dystopic classics, so I’m listing both:
    Huxley’s “Brave New World” for its ability to haunt my dreams in highschool and stick with me today and Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale” because it was my first Atwood and its portrayal of women with no control whatsoever over something so personal as our own bodies horrifies as both fiction and non-fiction.

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