Book Review Harm

Book Review Harm.

Foreverbooklover has given me an awesome review of Harm *claps hands to cheek and smiles foolishly* My babies are loved!


A Look Back: Five things I wish i learned last year

Alright you guys it’s 2014 and while i don’t have any new years resolutions, i do have a list that i did with my little sister, it consists of five things i learned last year, and five things i wish i learned. so let’s start with the good stuff shall we. . .

Five Things I Learned Last Year

1) I can work harder and acheive more than i thought i could.

2) it’s good to be patient.

3) Don’t let your expectations of people cloud the reality of who they actually are.

4) Being an indie author is hard but worth it

5) To manage wrist pain for more efficient typing


Five Things I Wish I Learned Last Year

1) It’s okay to be pushy

2) Don’t do anything half-assed

3) How to plan things better

4) To be less of a worry-wort

5) How to say no definitively


What have you guys learned?