A review of Harm. YES!

A review of Harm. YES!

So, way back when i first started on this road of indie writerdom, and was feeling like a teeny-tiny little dot in the scheme of things (friendly note: avoid me when i’m depressed, I’m really. . . depressing), I stumbled upon a review of Niko by Alyssa, that really made my day (year, life, rebirth and all that), and now when I was worrying about how Harm, book two would be recieved (after struggling with a bout sequel-itist, in which I lost three chapters, sleep, and a few brain cells), she has made my day again. XD XD XD!


Here’s a snippet. . .

I loved the new characters, I loved how we learn more about Niko’s back story, and I loved the new settings. Cherai City is pretty different from Amaryllis, and seeing their society from a different point of view really added more depth to this world. There definitely wasn’t a dull moment, and I honestly wasn’t expecting the twist at the end of the book.


Now check out the rest!


I’m judging you. No, really.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ meaning that we shouldn’t form out opinion on something solely based on its appearance.

Even so, unless we encounter a book by word of mouth most of us are drawn to new books by their covers and we expect certain covers on certain genres (which is how my vampire-radar is able to spot a vampire book a mile away).

So when my sister, the lovely artist Hana Kura , and I sat down to craft a cover for Niko, the first book in the Outsider Chronicles, I wanted a cover that said: “Hey! I’m a slightly sexy dystopian thriller with a bit of horror and loads of action. Read me!”

After a lot of back and forth, two tablets and the power of an index finger, we settled on this:





                 Sexy, yet creepy 😀

In the beginning I loved it — I still love it but after a while I started to worry that people might get the wrong idea about its contents (sexy vampires, not flesh eating Slithers). As a reader one of the worse things is expecting to read one book and getting something completely different— it really ends well.

So after three nail-biting months I decided to change the cover. This time taking inspiration from Ninja Assassin.


                              The first time I learned that drinking from a water bottle can be sexy. . . you go Rain!


It also fits well with the cover concept for Harm, the second book in the Outsider Chronicles. While Niko was more in-your-face the cover of Harm is more mysterious, giving you the teensiest of tiniest hints of what going on inside. Of course if you want to solve the Great Cover Mystery, you’ve gotta read the book 😛


                     Very very mysterious

Harm is available for pre-order, click the link!