Leather fetish, Foot fetish, Megane fetish, Oh my!


Some people have feet fetishes, some people have leather fetishes, some people love red hair. I have a megane fetish*


 Hi, my name is Kayti and I have a Megane fetish


Megane (Meh-Gah-Neh) is the Japanese word for glasses, it’s also used to describe a certain character archetype, he appears rather cold and ambitious and maybe a little bit cruel but secretly has feelings for the main character and gives her background support. He never gets the girl 😦

Image  ImageImage

( Ouran Highschool Host Club, Beauty Pop, Bleach)

Now, with that description you may just think I merely like a certain character type but there are other manga characters that I like that aren’t meganes but wear meganes like Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler (well he’s more fun than hot but that’s neither here nor there), or the occasional chapter picture of Renji Abarai from Bleach. :d



Couldn’t find Mr. Abarai with glasses so sunglasses will have to do lol


Glasses also have the power to make most people that much more attractive and change my bias in a k-pop group.


 Taeyang was my original Big Bang bias until a chance encounter with Beautiful Hangover changed all that. Now it’s GD all the way!


Let’s take the humble (lol) hipster glasses for example and attach it to a few celebrities (please excuse my bad cut and paste job)



Exhibit A: Jiyong Kwon AKA G-Dragon of Big Bang (squee, squee)



Exhibit B: Seunghyun Choi AKA T.O.P. Of Big Bang (needs no modification cos the dude knows he looks good with glasses. :D)



Exhibit C: Chris Brown (The struggle to find a picture where he wasn’t all tatted up and looking crazy)


Now, the Megane magic doesn’t just work on guys but also on beautiful women like. . .


Exhibit D: Amanda Seyfreid (BTW has anyone watched the Roommate? It provides round-about inspiration for Snuggles in Niko



Exhibit E: Meagan Good AKA the most beautiful woman in the world though Lupita Nyong’o  is a close second.

Okay, I think I’ve overheated a bit from all the glasses so I shall crawl back into my writing den and figure out who many more of my characters shall I Megane, Malik. . . Ben. . . perhaps Niko will suffer from a sudden and irreversible bout of myopia.


Mwah ha ha

So, what about you guys? Have any weird not so fetish fetishes? Do you fan cast all your book characters as Cillian Murphy? Does the color blue make a person drool-worthy? Am I alone in my glasses fandom?

*yes, I know how fetishes are medically classified but for the sake of fun we’re going to ignore all that


How I accidently deleted everything and nearly lost my manuscript O_o

So up until a few torturous moments ago I was going to talk about BTS and how they’re such an awesome, dynamic rookie group (I’m noona to all of them ^^; ) but also how I kind of feel bad for LC9 who are also very good but are also becoming kind of invisible after the great fire punch! That was Mama Beat.

So I was about to talk about all that when one wrong click here and a yes instead of a no and everything was deleted off my tablet.




You know how you have that moment where you keep staring at the blank page hoping against hope it’ be some kind of cosmic prank and be all like ha ha, fooled you and sometimes you get lucky?

I didn’t get lucky TT.TT

So after feeling thoroughly nauseous I am slowly rebuilding all the stuff I lost (Luckily I just recently was able to save the rough draft of my novel in about 5,000 different places. Thank you god).