Review of Non-Compliance the Transition by Paige Daniels


A Review by Kayti Nika Raet for Reader’s Favorite

The Nano Review

Back and Better than ever!

The Plot

Non-Compliance: The Transition, the second book in the Non-Compliance series by Paige Daniels kicks off a couple of weeks after the first book ended. Danny, their biggest rival for control of the Sector, is dead but the new guy that replaces him doesn’t seem much better. He leaves Shea, Quinn and the rest of Boss’s crew a get-to-know-you present of two dead bodies.

With an awesome opening Non-Compliance: The Transition only gets better and better as Shea and company have to outwit their twisted new foe, who seems to have some ties into Quinn’s past, keep the Magistrate off their backs, not to mention figure out what’s wrong with the newest shipment of vaccines. Oh, and set off an explosion or two. Any fan of Non-Compliance knows they’re in for one heck of a ride.

The Faves

The best part about reading a great book is when the sequels just as good.

As the title suggests, there’s a lot of change going on in Shea’s life, she and Quinn are growing closer with Captain Personality (as she calls him) becoming Qiunce-Charming. There are also facets of their past, which were merely hinted at in the first book coming out to full disclosure in the second and as readers we learn how many of the members in Boss’s crew came to live in the Non-Compliance Sector.

The worst part about reading a great book and its awesome sequel is that eventually it has to end (in spectacular fashion, I might add) and you’re left bereft as you wait for the next book. More, please!