Review of The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock

Dun dun dun! The Boy, book II in The Sanctum trilogy by Madhuri Blaylock’s is finally out (by the way did you know you can download the first book, The Girl for free on Amazon now? You didn’t? Well, go on. I’ll wait).

Since The Boy was so awesome (and sexy! :3) I’ll leave a review for your enjoyment, and be on the look out for a character interview with Jools Clayworth (so you better start reading The Sanctum right now and earn your hipster bragging rights).



I enjoyed the first book in The Sanctum trilogy but I enjoyed the second one even more. The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock starts off pretty much where The Girl left off. Wyatt is dying from a mortal wound inflicted by Max Breslin and Dev has brought him to the Ramyan hoping he can be saved.

Back in the Sanctum world Jools is now acting head of the New York branch, Darby’s her usual Southern Vampire self, the Breslins are a-plotting and a-scheming, and someone is impersonating Ryker, killing Magicals left and right.

The action never stops as the plot and tension builds leaving the reader holding their breath during each chapter.

The Boy is actually one of the few series where I find myself enjoying all the characters and even those I might have been cold toward in the previous book I’m starting to warm up to.

The writing’s excellent and while The Boy doesn’t end with a cliffhanger this time I can hardly wait for book three.

I loved it. Madly.


Send It To Hell in Kerosene Drawers AKA Why Rejection Letters Are Good

On a whim I decided to read one of my old stories.

Big Mistake.


I didn’t even make it a quarter of the way through, it was just. . .* shudder*

It wasn’t so much the purple prose that got to me, or the minor leaps of logic, or the liberal use of adverbs (why dash when you can walk quickly and purposely?).

I think it was the fact that four years ago I though it was so good, I was super proud of it (not swell-head proud just smug-grin proud). In fact I thought it should be released out into the world for everyone to own— yes, boys and girls, I tried to get it published.

So thank you all those literary agents who politely declined and helped me grow as a writer. If it wasn’t for you guys I probably would have never upgraded my writing style, tightened my work ethic and created Niko.

It’s amazing how much of a difference four years can make. Those old stories are never seeing the light of day. *hums Taylor Swift*