Yay, at long last! I’ve been asking my sister to draw a picture of Songhay and Roosevelt for months and after some aggressive hovering (and maybe being slightly annoying 😛 ) she has done it.

First introduced in Harm, the second book of the Outsider Chronicles, the siblings were originally only supposed to have a small role in the book but they were so interesting (okay, I’ll admit it, they also totally bribed me with cake), their characters expanded from minor to major and they have even managed to attach themselves to some very important story arcs.




Roosevelt Miller

Age: Approximately 16

Height: 5′ 5”

Hair/Eye: Red/Grey

Favorite foods: None in particular. Can and will eat any and everything but really enjoyed the canned peaches Niko provided and wouldn’t mind having those again.

Distinctive qualities: Punctuates most of her sentences with the word ‘oi’.

One arm is missing below the elbow due to an accident when she was six.

Can touch her nose with her tongue.


Songhay Miller

Age: Approximately 19 (neither knows their true age)

Height: 5′ 11”

Hair/Eye: Black/Brown

Favorite foods: Meat. Doesn’t get it often but is very happy when he does.

Distinctive qualities: Has elven scars on his arms to mark his wins as a fighter.

Hates spicy foods.

Check out Niko, the first book in the series here:






Writing and music inspiration AKA A Love Song in Wonderland after Rigormortis

I was talking to a friend a little while ago and we happened to be talking about music (okay, I’ll admit it, I was trying to get her into k-pop or LIGHTS ^^;) which lead to me telling her how I like to have a theme song for each book in the Outsider Chronicles.

I don’t usually use music to get me into the mood of the story, before it was mostly to hype me up and make me write faster (other than that I like working in silence. . . SHHH!) but with Niko and Harm, music was a great way to get into the mood and essence of the story as a whole. So without further ado, I give you the theme for Niko



I actually love Natalia Kills whole Perfectionist album, and if you listen to it you’ll discover I pay some slight homage to it in Niko. But Wonderland is a song I felt fit Niko perfectly, the mood, the fact that she’s entering a whole new and maybe just a little bit weird place, the slight anti-romance romance, its bright veneer but dark underbelly, and as my friend pointed out it even has roses.




Kendrick Lamar might seem a bit of an odd choice, and while the song doesn’t fit plot-point for plot-point in Harm, it had this fast, slick, sarcastic vibe I wanted to employ. Also since rigor it what happens after death, just before rot and decay, I wanted to use that to hint and old perceptions changing and dying with a rebirth of something new.




For the third book I chose a sadder song, but it’s also a song who’s title hints at what’s gonna go down in book three (:-3) but after reading the lyric translation also sounds a little sad and ominous. Of course since Outsider still isn’t complete yet, I don’t want to get into too much detail and spoil it all. Don’t worry guys, not too many people die >:D


A review of Harm. YES!

A review of Harm. YES!

So, way back when i first started on this road of indie writerdom, and was feeling like a teeny-tiny little dot in the scheme of things (friendly note: avoid me when i’m depressed, I’m really. . . depressing), I stumbled upon a review of Niko by Alyssa, that really made my day (year, life, rebirth and all that), and now when I was worrying about how Harm, book two would be recieved (after struggling with a bout sequel-itist, in which I lost three chapters, sleep, and a few brain cells), she has made my day again. XD XD XD!


Here’s a snippet. . .

I loved the new characters, I loved how we learn more about Niko’s back story, and I loved the new settings. Cherai City is pretty different from Amaryllis, and seeing their society from a different point of view really added more depth to this world. There definitely wasn’t a dull moment, and I honestly wasn’t expecting the twist at the end of the book.


Now check out the rest!

I’m judging you. No, really.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying, ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ meaning that we shouldn’t form out opinion on something solely based on its appearance.

Even so, unless we encounter a book by word of mouth most of us are drawn to new books by their covers and we expect certain covers on certain genres (which is how my vampire-radar is able to spot a vampire book a mile away).

So when my sister, the lovely artist Hana Kura , and I sat down to craft a cover for Niko, the first book in the Outsider Chronicles, I wanted a cover that said: “Hey! I’m a slightly sexy dystopian thriller with a bit of horror and loads of action. Read me!”

After a lot of back and forth, two tablets and the power of an index finger, we settled on this:





                 Sexy, yet creepy 😀

In the beginning I loved it — I still love it but after a while I started to worry that people might get the wrong idea about its contents (sexy vampires, not flesh eating Slithers). As a reader one of the worse things is expecting to read one book and getting something completely different— it really ends well.

So after three nail-biting months I decided to change the cover. This time taking inspiration from Ninja Assassin.


                              The first time I learned that drinking from a water bottle can be sexy. . . you go Rain!


It also fits well with the cover concept for Harm, the second book in the Outsider Chronicles. While Niko was more in-your-face the cover of Harm is more mysterious, giving you the teensiest of tiniest hints of what going on inside. Of course if you want to solve the Great Cover Mystery, you’ve gotta read the book 😛


                     Very very mysterious

Harm is available for pre-order, click the link!