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Outsider is now live on Amazon!

Okay, as you can probably tell by that statement I’m feeling extra giddy. 🙂

It’s the third book in the Outsider Chronicles a YA dystopia that as a friend says, features a badass girl with a baseball cap.

It already has one reviewer saying, “The third installment in The Outsider Chronicles is probably the best yet.”


Not to mention the fact that it’s part of a giveaway that ends at midnight.

So go on, hurry, you never know, soon you could be saying two glorious words…



Bones, Roses, and Random Things


I was bored and procrastinating a bit (don’t worry I’m still working on the second draft of Niko 3, I just spent a little time binge watching Attack on Titans), and I decided to compile a list (list= a Virgo’s best friend ) of some random facts that you may not know about the first book in the Outsider Chronicles.


1 Names

Names are everything, they can make a person sound cool, they can make a person sound sinister, and when you’re creating characters names are especially important so here are some things you may not have known about the names in Niko.

Niko’s last name was originally Nickel.

Ben was originally called Chris (this default name only lasted for three chapters though… phew!)

Duc’s (pronounced ‘duke’) name is Vietnamese and means ‘desire’

The Director’s name is actually Sarah Lytle

Niko’s full name is Harmony Ann Niko

The Circle of the Guard was originally going to be named after flowers instead of colors


2 Media

When I write my stories are always filled with random references, sometimes their basically super, super inside jokes (I’m lame) but other times those references come in handy when I’m writing scenes. Other times they’re just… random.

The theme song for Niko is Wonderland by Natalia Kills

The movie Ultraviolet was the inspiration for chapters 6-8

When Ari and Ben mention rat creatures and quiche in chapter 5 they are referencing Bone by Jeff Smith

The song that Malik plays for Niko in chapter 9 is Baby Love by The Supremes

Chapters 21-22 have their own theme song, And Counting… by LIGHTS


3 Book Influences

Because what would an author be if they weren’t influenced by books?


The Turned by Jillian Leigh (Known as Avid Reader on Story Write) inspired me to start writing Niko. Her story isn’t online anymore but if it wasn’t for her Niko would not exist in its present form.

The Demon’s Lexicon trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan, if you were wondering why the humor in Niko is so weird blame her. (just kidding, my humor is weird too).

Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves, if I only had one book in the world it would be this one. It’s dark and bloody, sexy and strange and exactly how I want my writing to be like.

Bleach by Tite Kubo, it’s a manga but if I can write my fight scenes half as well as he draws them I’d be one happy camper.


4 Zombiefication

I love killing off characters and in a dystopian world that means more deaths to plot (rubs hands excitedly). But since there would be no story if I killed off everybody (though George R. R. Martin seems to manage well enough) I usually solve this dilemma by tossing a coin (not an American one, I know which side that it’s statistically more than likely to fall on and will cheat #nerdproblems).

So without further ado here are the people who managed to survive the culling.

For now. Mwah ha ha.


Jared was going to die instead of Shawn

Ben was going to die instead of Malik

Ari was going to die but she has nine lives and won her coin toss


5 Ages

The age of the characters in Niko isn’t discussed much. They’ve got more important things to worry about, like killing Slithers and surviving coin tosses. But in case you’re curious…

Ari is 22

Duc is 23

Ben is 22

Malik was 20

Niko is 17


And there you have it folks! That was kind of fun (liiiiiiiiists), I might do one for Harm, the second book in the Outside Chronicles. It might be a while before I do it but then again, I procrastinate a lot so it might be here sooner than expected. 😛


Review of The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock

Dun dun dun! The Boy, book II in The Sanctum trilogy by Madhuri Blaylock’s is finally out (by the way did you know you can download the first book, The Girl for free on Amazon now? You didn’t? Well, go on. I’ll wait).

Since The Boy was so awesome (and sexy! :3) I’ll leave a review for your enjoyment, and be on the look out for a character interview with Jools Clayworth (so you better start reading The Sanctum right now and earn your hipster bragging rights).



I enjoyed the first book in The Sanctum trilogy but I enjoyed the second one even more. The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock starts off pretty much where The Girl left off. Wyatt is dying from a mortal wound inflicted by Max Breslin and Dev has brought him to the Ramyan hoping he can be saved.

Back in the Sanctum world Jools is now acting head of the New York branch, Darby’s her usual Southern Vampire self, the Breslins are a-plotting and a-scheming, and someone is impersonating Ryker, killing Magicals left and right.

The action never stops as the plot and tension builds leaving the reader holding their breath during each chapter.

The Boy is actually one of the few series where I find myself enjoying all the characters and even those I might have been cold toward in the previous book I’m starting to warm up to.

The writing’s excellent and while The Boy doesn’t end with a cliffhanger this time I can hardly wait for book three.

I loved it. Madly.

A Review of Balancer by Patrick Wong


Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite

The Nano Review

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

The Plot Balancer by Patrick Wong starts off fast and exciting and doesn’t let up. Two best friends Nicole and Amy are on a camping trip that also doubles as the backdrop for their latest YouTube video while also serving as an excuse for Amy to ‘accidentally’ bump into her crush. Things suddenly take a dangerous turn when a freak wildfire breaks out and the two girls are forced to run for their lives. Along the way they save the life of another girl.

Later they learn that the girl has made a miraculous recovery from seemingly fatal injuries. Something is strange with Nicole as well and she soon discovers that she has the power to give and take life. It’s a gift that grants her extraordinary healing powers but at great cost. It’s a power that’s beginning to get her noticed and when mysterious agents come knocking Nicole is going to have to figure out just who she can trust.

The Faves

I absolutely loved Balancer by Patrick Wong. It was awesome, amazing, spectacular as well as loads of other synonyms. The story was really interesting and unique and though Balancer was told primarily from Nicole’s perspective both girls seemed really cool and fun. I loved the plot which is a refreshing addition to the paranormal genre and Wong’s writing clips along smoothly and well.

I totally can’t wait for the next book in the Final Deity series and I’d recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal stories filled with cool female characters, shifty secret agents, an engaging mystery, laughter and a few tears (warning: keep some tissues handy).

Read it, make your friends read it, and cross your fingers for a movie.

A Girl’s Inner Witch

I was reading a book and my inner witch began to emerge. She’s a snarky girl who sneers at the characters, provides a sarcastic running commentary and picks apart the author photo (or lack thereof).

And yet, I finish the story.

It must be my inner masochist (nestled closely by my inner witch because she’s a, you know, masochist), she wants me to finish every book I read because ‘think of the poor authors labor of love, which too months if not years to complete’ (at the thought of years spent on such drivel my inner witch emerges until my masochist distracts her with some raw meat).

Of the thousands of books I’ve read, I’ve only stopped reading about a handful. Interestingly enough, the same logic doesn’t apply to movies which I’d leave in a heartbeat (think of the millions spent on production!), or Youtube videos (the hours editing!), or music (the files mastering!). But with books I’ll go the distance even if there’s a sex scene before page twenty five, a vampire book with vampire in the title, or a main character as insecure as heck. I’m always holding out hope that it’ll get better by the next chapter.

Sometimes it does.

Sometimes my inner witch emerges.