Cover Reveal!

So I’ve talked about it and talked about it and now (dramatic music) it’s here! The cover for Outsider the 3rd book in the Outsider Chronicles in all it’s gloriousness!OUTSIDER


Surrounded by hunger and degradation, the city of Cherai is a sparkling, opulent metropolis, a dazzling centerpiece in humanity’s fight against Slithers and acid rain. And at its heart, keeping everything shining and bright, are the Grey-Men, an oppressed workforce, drugged into submission.

But not for long.

Upon escaping her fate as a Grey-man, Niko is determined to free the whole lot, liberating all from their bondage. Together with Ben, Songhay and the Gemini Gang, they plan to take control of the city. To do that they must control the one thing no one can live without.


It only takes four days to die of thirst.


It’s going to be avaible for preorder soon but if you can’t wait then check out the first two books in the series. Until 31st of July Niko and Harm are on sale at Niko is free with the coupon code SS100 and Harm is half off with the coupon code SSW50


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