Outsider Cookie 2

Here are some more cookies for you guys (I’m stuffing you up like the witch in Hansel and Gretel :D). Enjoy!



All around them was devastation. It’d been over two weeks since the blaze had ripped through the slums but it looked like it’d only happened the day before.

Drifts of ash coated the ground. It seemed to neutralize the acid so there was still blackened bits of rubble jutting out. They were surrounded by the skeletal remains of makeshift homes.

“I think this is– was Freetown,” Songhay said. He walked up to a set of steps, all that remained of one home. “It’s kind of hard to tell though.” On the step was a doll. It was plastic, made before the rain, all of its limbs were gone and it was missing one eye. He stared at it but made no move to pick it up.

He rubbed his face. “Let’s go find them.”

They trekked through what remained of the slums, kicking up puffs of ash. The next rainfall would wash it all away and disintegrate whatever remained.


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