Outsider Cookie

Yay, I’m practically, almost finished with Outsider, the third book in the Outsider Chronicles! I’m pretty proud of it if I’m allowed to brag (shines brightly). 

I’ve decided to share the love by giving you guys a little snippet, or rather a cookie.

In ye olden days (you know, like the 80’s — kidding!) when cookies were first created they were actually used to test if the oven was hot enough before baking a cake. And since reading Outsider in its entirety will be like enjoying on a nice moist cake (unless you’re on a diet, then I would suggest that you cheat, cake is yummy), these snippets are the equivalent of cookies!

(or at least that’s how my weird mind is working today)






Niko sat on the floor in her room, the contents of the Phoenix folder spread out before her. She had flipped through it again and again until the photos began to blur before her eyes and the words became nothing more than black smudges on white paper.

But no matter how many times she flipped through it, a tiny part of her hoping that in her absence the words had rearranged themselves into more pleasing sentences, she always found herself coming to the same photo.

She and her mother posed for the camera, her mother wore a white lab coat, the emblem of the Phoenix Corporation embroidered on one pocket. Niko herself was about five or six and stared unsmilingly at the camera.

On the back, in stark black ink was a short sentence: Subject: H4N-11KO, ‘Harmony’

Her parents were not her parents.


3 thoughts on “Outsider Cookie

    • Hey Betty, long time no ‘see’! How are things in your part of the world? 🙂 I’ve been really busy trying to build up my social media presence and working on the fourth book in my series. My dad has just started to read the Niko which is actually kind of nervous-making lol. And I’d love to read some of your books! I noticed you said fantasy does that mean it’s a different series from DF? Do you have a particular time frame that you want me to read them by, because if not I’ll more than likely be finished with it and have reviews up before September.

      • The two fantasies are a different series from DF. Mistress of the Topaz is #1 and Mistress of Land and Sea is #2. If you could have reviews up by Labor Day (which is Sept 1 this year), that would be fine.

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