I’m finished with the second draft of Outsider! Yes!

It used to take me up to ten drafts ( or two years, and lots of mental anguish) before I felt a story of mines was complete but since I’ve been writing The Outsider Chronicles I’ve whittled it down to a nice and efficient three drafts.

The first draft is written in archaic longhand with pen and paper, then transferred onto a Word doc (I realize it’s not that efficient and maybe a little slow but I think better this way). I don’t usually look back and edit (or I’ll red marker for every other sentence and get nowhere), I just blaze right on through and I’m done in less than three months.

Then I let it sit for a month and do some fun stuff like play games, catch up on dramas and anime, and write other stuff.

Usually, that doesn’t last longer than a week and I’m off to the second draft, in which the best part of writing is rewriting and I get to really fine tune the direction I want the plot to head in as well as the overall story arc (not to mention kill off some more characters).

After the second draft, I’m usually pretty happy, the world is great, everybody is awesome and I can’t wait for the final stretch.

The third draft is where I finally correct my atrocious spelling and grammar, and check for any inconsistencies in the plot. The third draft is mostly clean up though occasionally some last minute idea will present itself (slowpoke) and make it into the book.

After that I’ll give it a grade (currently Outsider has received an A-), create a blurb, work with my sister on the cover and start plotting the next book.

All in all it takes about six months to complete (I’m still extremely jealous of those people who can crank out a complete book in two weeks though), then comes the dreaded marketing campaign which currently I still suck at.


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