Book II: THE BOY — Blog Tour Kicks Off July 7th

Today, my friend Madhuri kicks off her blog tour for The Boy, the second book in The Sanctum trilogy. If you haven’t already, find out why so many people (including myself) give this YA Urban-Fantasy five stars – order a copy right now and get in on the action.


VBT The Boy Tour Banner copy

I’m about to kick off my first blog tour to promote Book II: THE BOY and cannot be more excited.

For one, THE BOY is fantastic, if I might say so myself, and I’m excited to introduce it and The Sanctum to a wider audience. Two, there are loads of interesting interviews. And three, here and there I’m guest blogging on a whole host of topics.

So please stop by and check out the tour, say hello and let me know what you think. I’ll be checking in everyday, answering questions, chatting and the like. It should be loads of fun.

And if you have no interest in the interviews or the guest posts or chatting with me, there is the added incentive of the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card being offered throughout the tour. Who doesn’t love free money?

Here are the dates – hope you…

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