I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Saying

Last week I discovered that I’d been plagiarized. Nothing major just a review of mines that I did for Readers’Favorite.com (great site for indie authors who want to get their books reviewed!) but the odd thing was that I found myself getting more annoyed than if they’d stolen one of my stories or an article I’d written (fun fact: I have sister – not Hana Kura, a less creative one – who used to copy my stuff all the time and not in an ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’ way but in a full on ‘gank your stuff and run with it’ kind of way).

A story or article I can understand, sometimes you see something so awesome that you wish it was yours just be warned,



Stealing a review is just… lazy. Not to mention kind of insulting to the author whose book you’re supposed to be reviewing because we read every review, the good ones, the bad ones, the fairly meh ones, we dissect them and analyze them and try not to let them affect our confidence too much. So when things get a little deja vu the author is definitely going to notice and you’ll definitely look like a lazy liar not worthy of adding the words ‘readingaddiction’ to your blog’s title.

In the book world there is no deadlier sin than the one of plagiarism.

Thankfully, the blogger took it down along with a bunch of other reviews that she claims her little sister put up not knowing that that even if you take out a few words it’s still plagiarism and something you’re not suppose to do.

I know as a writer plagiarism can be a real fear, some people let it keep them from bringing their creativity out into the world while some still decide to brave the wilds of the internet despite the poachers. What are your thoughts on plagiarism and plagiarists? Is it okay to re-post another person’s review as long as you give the source or not at all? And have any of you been on the receiving (or giving) end of plagiarism?


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Saying

  1. Plagiarism is never cool.

    First off, like you said, Kayti, stop being lazy. Secondly, have your own thoughts and if you’re not a good enough writer to put them down in your own words, then simply stop. Don’t turn around and pass someone else’s work off as your own. And if you’re going to use someone else words, you damn well better cite that shit. Properly. Preferably in bold letters. Then it’s not plagiarism – it’s just you being a lazy jerk.

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