A Book Review of Emily’s Heart by Natalie Wright

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite


The Plot

Emily’s Heart by Natalie Wright is the third and final book in the Akasha Chronicles. A paranormal young-adult novel, Emily Adams is the daughter of Brighid, a Celtic goddess of light and must battle Ciardha, her dark counterpart to keep him from taking over the wold and drowning it in chaos and destruction.

Emily’s Heart picks up sometime after the second book, Emily’s Trial, left off. After losing a battle against C and barely escaping with their lives Emily, Jake, and Greta discover that their best friend Fanny is still trapped inside Umbra Perdita, Ciardha’s former prison.

The disappearance cracks the foundation of their friendship and each go their separate ways, each drowning in their own sort of guilt as the world around them quickly begins to succumb to Ciardha’s power.

It’s up to Emily, Jake, and Greta to mend their broken friendship and gather the forces necessary to stop Ciardha one last time.

The Thinky Bits

I hadn’t read the other two books in Wright’s trilogy but it was very easy to get a picture of what had happened before as I was reading Emily’s Heart.

I loved Emily’s sarcasm, it was hilarious. I also liked the banter between the three friends and how even though they were having issues with each other in the beginning you could still tell they loved and cared about each other.

There’s loads of action and fight scenes and Wright doesn’t shy away from hurting her main characters. So much so that dedicated fans might find themselves on the edge of their seats worried if their favorite people will make it to the end of the chapter. Great for any fan of paranormal fiction.



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