Interview Time! Patrick Wong, author of Balancer++


I love when I stumble across a really awesome book (with a really gorgeous cover btw), that I want to push to all my friends (then promis serious bodily harm if they don’t read it :D), but i’ve come to realize I also like learning about the minds who write such really awesome books.

So without further ado:


>>How would you describe Balancer to those who haven’t read it yet? 

It’s a Coming of Age Paranormal story about a suburban teen who must learn the consequences of the unusual gift she has been given.  Every action has a reaction. Every life saved is a life lost.

>>How did the idea for Balancer come about? 

Past history is full of cultures that have practiced the concept of sacrificing one living thing for another.  What if that practice was a legitimate way to heal someone? 

That’s the base mythology behind Balancer…I expanded on that idea to see how an ordinary teen might react in the modern world.

>>Any plans for a sequel?

Absolutely – Book 2 of The Final Deity is in heavy-draft right now…I have over 45 chapters completed.  It’s coming soon!


>>When did you first realize that writing was something you wanted to do?

I’m a full-time software developer, so there’s definitely more left-brain in me than right-brain. And I didn’t plan on writing a novel, but the Balancer story kept playing in my head about 2 years ago and I couldn’t stop it.  So I started writing at night. 

I love movies, and I began developing Balancer as if it were a screen-play rather than a novel.  So if Balancer feels more like a Movie, that’s why…Balancer should’ve been a movie before it became a book.

>>Who are some of your writerly crushes?

I grew-up with JRR Tolkein, and Stephen King. 

When my kids were younger, we went through a major Harry Potter phase and read JK Rowling in the evenings. (actually, we’re still in that Harry Potter phase…can’t wait for the Universal Studio expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

Most recently, my daughter suggested the Legend series from Marie Lu, and Maze Runner from James Dashner.  Both good suggestions.

>>What’s you’re usual writer’s schedule like? Are you an Outliner, or do you let the characters lead you where they may? 

Most of my writing happens between 11pm-1am.  

And I’m definitely an Outliner – probably due to my computer background – I like to have some structure to work against.

>>Movie time! Who would you want cast for Balancer movie?

Nicole – I’m a believer in casting unknowns into lead roles  (like Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter).  So Nicole would go to an undiscovered talent. (My daughter has volunteered!)


But Nicole would be surrounded by established stars…

Amy Madigan – Emma Fanning or Chloe Moretz
Dr Lucy Aaronson (Nicole’s mom) – Helen Hunt
James Aaronson (Nicole’s dad) – Kevin Costner
Professor Jim Barnard – David Tennant (the 10th Doctor Who)
Professor Anthony DuBois – Harrison Ford? Sean Connery?
Ben Owens – Nolan Gould (Modern Family)
Senator Campbell Jennings – John Goodman
Drake Jennings – younger Alex Pettyfyr 
Don’t forget to check out Balancer by Partick Wong!

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