Fan Art: The Sanctum

*cracks knuckles* Alrighty guise, here’s my first shot in a long time (13-14 years) at a fan drawing. I used to draw a lot but now I do it like once a year when the mood strikes. So I’m a little rusty, but even so, i decided to take the bull by the horns (or sword in hands) and draw Dev, the main character in The Sanctum by Madhuri Blaylock (hey, girl, hey!). She part angel, part demon, 100% bad-ass. XD XD





Oh, and while you’re at it be sure to check out  her novel, you won’t regret it~


3 thoughts on “Fan Art: The Sanctum

  1. Kayti, this is freaking awesome (notice how I took care not to curse on your blog). I’m feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy about my first piece of fan art for The Sanctum. I love your rendering of Dev. And those blades are fierce. You rock. Hard. xx (I’m totally blogging about this)

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