Eye Spy Review


The Nano Review

I spy with my little eye, something. . . sinister.

The Plot

Eye Spy is the latest edition to the Sojourning Souls series by – -. CJ is a young agoraphobic, terrified of stepping outside after his family suffered a brutal attack two years ago. Now the only way he sees the outdoors is through the eyes of other people as he travels from body to body, attempting to solve crimes, bring the bad guys to justice and give closure to the families, something he and his sister Steph are unable to enjoy.

But he’s not the only one who can travel or sense out of body travelers, there’s Cecil a serial killer born at the turn of the Twentieth century and hopping from body to body, and Melvin, a cult leader who can sense and ‘exorcise’ an out of body traveler. Both have set their sights on CJ. Both for various reasons. None of them good.

The Faves

I loved Eye Spy by – -. It was well written and engaging. It was the last I put down at night after my eyes were too tired to read one more word (Somehow I found myself reading one more chapter), and the first thing I picked up in the morning. I loved the characters CJ and Steph as well as the mechanics of his out of body experiences.

The mystery kept me guessing and the suspense kept me furiously flipping pages, or at least the e Book equivalent. I was so sad when it ended and I hope we’ll see more soon from – -.

More Please.



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